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Ambleside Farm, Wheal Rose, Scorrier, Redruth, Cornwall
TR16 5ED

07814 584289

Garden and grounds maintenance services and contracts by RHS trained gardener / horticulturalist in the Truro, Falmouth, Feock, Mawnan Smith, St Mawes areas of Cornwall. Domestic and commercial gardening services.



We offer a skillful and varied range of garden services completing jobs quickly and efficiently with our full range of powerful, professional garden tools. Our extensive plant knowledge with relation to local climatic conditions is an essential attribute in caring for your garden.


Juniper gardens specialises in garden maintenance and restoration.

Green waste - I am legally registered to take all green waste away.

Mowing - I offer a mulching option which involves chopping the grass up into little tiny bits and laying it back on the lawn, essentially recycling all the nutrients back in to the soil, which is a quicker and more organic approach, or the normal collection of grass clippings.

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Weeding -  Keep on top of those weeds with regular maintenance. Whether it is hoeing off the annuals, or digging out those perennials, keep your borders and flower beds weed free and let your favourite plants thrive. I also have my ticket to spray weedkiller, often essential on gravel paths and driveways. 

Disease or nutrient deficiency identification. I can help with any disease or nutrient deficiencies your plants may be experiencing and the appropriate remedial action required  and if I don't know I will endeavour to find out!!

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Strimming - which includes everything from tickling around the edges of lawns to flattening dense bramble patches and everything in between.

Turfing. - Freshen up your garden with brand new turf. 

Propagating plants - which may include dividing, taking cuttings, layering or growing from seed.

Tree work (light) - I am RHS trained in pruning fruit trees and can also do any tree work from the ground, which includes the use of Japanese tripod ladders and various long handled implements including a pole pruner (a chainsaw on a pole with a 10 foot reach) and a normal chainsaw.

Planting - There are many things to consider in finding the right place for a plant, from drainage, to light, to wind shelter and giving your plants the best start in life is key to a healthy beautiful garden.

Weed killing - ensure weedkiller is applied in as safe and environmentally conscious way as possible and that you and your property are in safe hands by employing Juniper Gardens who are legally certified to safely apply weedkiller.

Hedge trimming / renovation - Keeping your hedges in tip-top shape adds a welcome formality to your garden (providing a pleasing contrast with the wild element) and I can take all the green waste away in my trailer.

Pressure washing.

Decking or fence painting.


Leaf clearance - blowing leaves is far more quicker and effecive than raking!

Pruning - Whether it's formative, maintenance, regenerative or specialist (e.g. fruit trees and wisteria) you can be sure your plants are in safe hands.



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